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Quality Policy


As a primary obligation, Multi Civil & Rail Services Pty Ltd (MCR) is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients by the capable implementation and management of its Quality Management System.


  • Satisfy our client’s requirements

  • Increase our client base and repeat work from existing clients

  • Ensure our suppliers and subcontractors operate with the same objectives in mind

  • Communicate with employees involved in our works to enable our business goals and Objectives to be monitored and reviewed during regular management meetings and revised as appropriate

  • To provide an ongoing program of education and training to ensure that our employees and contractors comply with procedures, rules and regulations and legal requirements.

  • Ensuring that open and honest communication exists between management and all employees and contractors.

  • Maintain, monitor, and review for continually improving the system and service we provide.

Compliance with State Legislation and Regulations

MCR demonstrates its commitment to comply with WHS legislation, Codes of Practice, Standard(s), and Railsafe Network Rules & Procedures.

Policy Statement

MCR’s Quality Management System applies to all operations and services.


  • Evaluation requires planning, training, consultation, supervision and accountability.

  • System errors are identified and either eliminated or effectively managed.

  • Meeting all requirements of the ISO: 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

  • Complying with statutory obligations, standards, specifications and codes of practise relevant to quality management.

  • Maintaining, monitoring, reviewing, auditing and continually improving the Quality Management System.

  • Engaging suitably qualified, skilled and experienced people.

  • Educating and training in order to continually improve the skills of our employees’ awareness and knowledge of quality issues and practises.

  • Identifying, reporting, investigating and resolving all non-conformances and taking action to prevent reocurrence.

  • Establishing, reviewing and communicating performance measures and taking action to improve outcomes.

  • Monitoring and evaluating the quality performance of consultants, subcontractors and suppliers and implementing effective communications with them on quality and compliance issues.

All management and staff are expected to comply with the spirit of this policy in the context of the organisation in which they work.

Leigh Twigg

Chief Executive Officer