Our Facilities and Equipment

Multi Civil & Rail Services own and operate the following equipment:

  • 9 Road Rail Vehicles that are all included in the RailCorp TOC (Train Operating Conditions) Manual
  • John Deere 4WD Tractor/Slasher/Mulcher with a 7.1 m Slasher/Mulcher arm
  • John Deere 4WD Tractor/Slasher with a 4.1 m Slasher/Mulcher arm
  • 3x 4 tonne Balloon Tyred Dumpers, which can be all converted to carry 1,000 litre water tanks with pump and hose attachments, to be utilised as water carts, or fire fighting for on or off track use
  • 5x 5 tonne Tipper Trucks (non Road Rail)
  • 12x 1- tonne Dual Cab Utility Vehicle
  • Bobcat, 4 in 1 bucket, auger, tie handling grabs and forks
  • 3x Float Trucks
  • High Rail Excavators
  • 6-Wheel Tip Trucks
  • 1x 10,000 litre water cart
  • All minor plant requirements including Rail Saws, Rail Borers, Cobras, Compressors, Rail Tensors, etc.

Note: Any shortfall in plant and or equipment will be hired, purchased or subcontracted to ensure our capability to provide an adequate level of service.

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